Mission Statement

The purpose of Womynz Brunch Bunch is to create a fun, safe, exciting, and comfortable environment for women in the community to meet and socialize, also, to bring together women of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages.
Free membership, some free activities, and a free, weekly, email newsletter designed to inform these same women of current news affecting their lives plus a calendar of events of WBB social activities and social events by other Southern California women's organizations.
WBB wants to enrich the lives of lesbians by creating a social life for singles and couples. We intend to give an alternative to the bar seen. WBB hopes this will lead to women meeting new women in the Long Beach and Orange County area.



Womynz Brunch Bunch: Where you get the most exciting lesbian social events in southern california

The Womynz Brunch Bunch is an exciting group of diverse women, who come together at a variety of social events. The casual atmosphere of these gathering makes meeting new women and enjoying old friends very easy. The time is spent connecting with like-minded individuals, dancing to great entertainment and eating delicious food.

In addition to brunches, there will be a variety of social events, such as, concerts, trips, banquets, movies and more formal events.

Membership is free and there is a weekly email newsletter listing coming events with Womynz Brunch Bunch and the community at large including the latest news affecting us. To sign up click here


about pat




Pat was born on a rented farm in South Dakota and raised sheep. She had a black sheep for a pet. Brain washed by Catholic parachocial school, but high school was all women, so it wasn't that bad.
Grew up in LA in a diversified neighborhood. The neighbors called her White Patty.
Won a beauty contest in the first grade.
Coordinator of all the high school events and student body elections.
Loves to collect plastic female action figures and TV and movie plastic, female, animation figures.
Does not drink alcohol and quit about 1985,
Favorite pastimes are shopping for the latest trends and visiting in coffee houses
Favorite saying "too fine".
Watches less and less TV and more and more lesbian and foreign films.
Was LBCC Viking newspaper editor.


Usually color coordinated-even watches and reading glasses.
Wrote Long Beach GLBT news for the Blade for about 5 years.
Won Honor Award from LBCC Associated Women's Studies in 1999.
Earned outstanding Journal Student in 1998 at LBCC
Pat is 5'4", gray hair, blue eyes, Caucasian
Believes in Equal Rights for all GLBT people
Was a Fact Checker for OC WEEKLY
Spent 10 years as an ASID Interior Designer
Ran a retail condom shop across from the Long Beach GLBT Center.
Was Volunteer Coordinator at Long Beach GLBT Center
Once collected about 500 ashtrays of the 1950's and 60's. Later donated all but a choice few to the AIDS Thrift shop.
Pat used to ride a Honda 100 motorcycle.
Ellen Ward gave her dyke lessons.
Pat's hair used to be blond and long down to her knees.
Snores loudly and wakes her partner.


Enjoy serious home-made dishes at the potlucks and brunches.
Be part of the community.
Meet singles and couples.
Create well being
Experience interesting and inspired conversations
It will reflect your tastes
Find out the latest lesbian news.
Interact with hundreds of women.
Find sizzling links on our web site.
Attend once and you are hooked. Attend twice and have new friends.
Discreet membership list.
Learn new ideas.
See the incredible response.
Turn up the heat on the dating scene.
All kinds of women from butch, femmes to androgynous

Dancing almost always included.
A huge variety of live entertainment and music.
Hang out with your friends
If you haven't found a reason to try it out, let me know what you need and WBB will try to fill it.

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